In 2005 the team that is now known as THE DUTCH STANDARD evolved from three people with a shared passion for design and bespoke luxury yacht interiors. Craftsmanship, knowledge and deep emotional involvement resulted in the creation of their collection of seating concepts and light objects of which the first pieces were shown in 2011 at Milan, Amsterdam and Eindhoven. Pure, elegant, high precision pieces with an unmistakable attention for detail and flawless quality.

Not only design, but also engineering and production management is handled by the same team. Designs are based on hand sketches, but soon transformed into digital visuals making it possible to determine the scale of details, get an insight of challenges that lie ahead and have a first glance of what might become their new creation. Engineering is done based on those same visuals ensuring the reality is identical to the earlier design. Production management is done step by step by means of testing and re-testing each and every ingredient needed. Only then when satisfaction is met creating a flawless piece is possible.

Years were needed to mature GICE and MOON alone. Years of overcoming challenges and understanding why pieces like these were never created before. But mainly years of combining inspiration and their passion to create.